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Examine EVery Historical perspective...

Students will be learning social studies in a thematic and interdisciplinary style. Meaning, most of the content from the novel that we read during ELA class, shall be examined more in-depth in SS. For example, our current class novel, "Promises To Keep", is a loving biography of the man who broke the color barrier in baseball. Jackie Robinson was an outstanding athlete, a devoted family man and a dedicated civil rights activist. My goal is not to impart historical knowledge in SS class, but rather have students learn historical content from different historical perspectives. It is imperative that the students are exposed to all the elements of American history and that includes its dark past regarding the use of and treatment of slaves. Also and according to the Department of Education, students will be learning US history starting with the Native Americans, the Colonists, and all the way to the Civil Rights Movement. The transition into Civics-oriented lesson plans will be implemented mid-way through unit 3 in accordance with the Massachusetts Dept of Ed Framework. Here is the link to the exciting and brand new frameworks:

Social Studies classes are virtual and conducted via Google Classroom

Quarter 4

5/26/19 Latest Update: 

  • Liberty Kids videos: The Boston Tea Part 1773

  • Liberty Kids videos: The Intolerable Acts 1774

  • Liberty Kids videos: United We Stand

  • Liberty Kids videos: Liberty or Death

  • Liberty Kids videos: Midnight Ride

  • Liberty Kids videos: The Shot Heard Around the World

  • Google Classroom: Project “The Path Towards Revolution.” After choosing one of the 6 events, design a research project to present to the class. Be sure to include pictures, important details such as: people, dates, and places.It is important you give special details on these people, the certain dates and times, and the information on places such as the location. Be as creative as possible and use the chrome books. You can prepare a slide show, Google Doc (Essay format), or on a traditional poster board. ***This is counted as a project grade and worth 50% of your overall grade. After projects have been presented to the class, a test will be given to the class on all of the 6 events leading up to the revolution

  • Google Classroom: Project “American Revolution: The Battle Begins.” You will be assigned one of the major battles that took place during the American Revolution. Create a Google Slide show and present that particular battle. Be sure to explain all the important details, facts, and be creative by adding in pictures or videos. 
    For example, Who(who were the alliances fighting the British)
    What(what is the nature of this battle)
    When(at what point along the time line did this event take place) 
    Where(name the importance of this location)
    Why(why or what was the importance of this battle) 
    & -How? 
    Use quote starters and be sure to list all your sources at the end of your slides.

  • Links to all supporting videos for this unit is also uploaded to Google Classroom for both B & E periods.

  • Google Classroom: Project “US Constitution and the Bill of Rights Slides.”

    The Bill of Rights were the first 10 amendments found in the US Constitution which guarantees the rights of American citizens that government cannot violate nor take away.
    Each group will focus on the amendment that they were assigned.

  • Be creative to demonstrate the following pieces of information:
    1. The # of the amendment and its definition.
    2. The student friendly definition in your own words.
    3. Facts, history, and famous court cases that showed a violation of this amendments's right.
    4. Examples of this amendment presently being discussed in the news or in current events across America.
    5. What this amendment means to you.
    6. Would you change anything about this amendments if you could?
    Need quote starters and a slide showing all of your sources.

  • Google Classroom: Project “Executive Branch, US Presidents Slides.”

    Everything needs to be in your own words, copying and pasting will result in an automatic zero:
    1. Name of President, the years he served and what number President.
    2. The functions and duties of the US President.
    3. Facts about their personal life.
    4. Interesting facts or information about their Presidential career.'
    5. Impact / Legacy as US President.
    6. Challenges or difficulties he may have faced. 
    7. Quote starters!
    8. Reference slide.
    Choices: Donald Trump, Barack Obama, Bill Clinton, George Washington, Franklin Roosevelt, Abraham Lincoln, John F Kennedy, Harry Truman, Richard Nixon, James Madison, Theodore Roosevelt, William Taft, and Woodrow Wilson.

  • Test on the US Constitution was taken on 5/23. Here is a copy for your references.

  • Quiz on the Legislative Branch taken on 5/30. Here is a copy for your references.

  • If any student is in need of extra help, please contact me (my contact information is found on the site), to arrange a time to meet with your student.

“The more you know about the past, the more you can change the future.”
-Theodore Roosevelt.