Classroom Rules & Expectations


Each student is expected to follow these rules and display model behavior.

1. Respect one another.

2. No foul language or cursing.

3. No racism or bullying.

4. No cell phones

5. Raise hand to speak.

6. Line up quietly outside in the hallway before entering room. Make sure you have all your materials.

7. If late to class, a pass is expected.

8. No one is allowed to leave room without a pass or permission.

9. Teacher dissmisses class, not the bell.

10. Have fun!


Mission Statement

Knowledge is power:

The more knowledge students can acquire, the more powerful he or she can become and unlock their hidden talents or potentials.

Education is the greatest weapon that can change the world. In fact, students will become academic-scholars, free-thinkers, mathematicians, and develop a love of reading. 

The experience here at MMS and in particular this team, will prepare the students to apply academic knowledge in future grades. Also, students will apply what they learn outside of school while becoming contributing members of society. 


Materials that students will need for school

(1) Three-ring binder. (no larger than 1- 1 1/2 inch)

(1) Pocket folder.


Colored pencils.

Pencil bag or case. 

February Vacation Monday, the 18th until Friday, the 22nd.